Section V basketball players outline bubble proposal to be able to play

Updated: November 20, 2020 06:39 PM
Created: November 20, 2020 06:33 PM

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — On Tuesday, New York State announced that the start of high-risk sports like high school basketball would be delayed until Jan. 4, if they're even allowed to be played.

The prospect of not being allowed to play wasn't good enough for some kids.

"I know the NBA did it, I know colleges are talking about bubbling, so I feel if they can do it on that large of a scale, then why can't we," Marianna Freeman, a senior at Bishop Kearney, said.

"I'm there to play, and even though this will take part during school time, so it will take a commitment to maintain your grades, because eligibility is still a thing," Andrew Newcombe, a senior at Gates-Chili, said.

"The goal is to have a season, but it's more than a season, it's our lives. This is what I do all day, every day so I would like to have my life back," Ethan Clark-Desouza, a senior at School of the Arts, said.

Their proposal is outlined below:

“OUR CHANCE” committee proposal

Who: Section V boys and girls varsity basketball

What: Playing a 10 game season in a bubble

When: 5 weeks, right after Christmas until January 31st

Where: Players would stay at local colleges, possible sites would be Brockport, Fisher or Nazareth (the schools have not signed off on this, these are suggestions by the players)

Why: Players have been working so hard for this moment.  College coaches can get a chance to see them play and possibly recruit them. Ability to make friends among other players on different teams.

How will this be paid for?: Many schools have saved money by going hybrid or remote. Many sports have been cancelled so districts have saved money on coaches’ salaries, transportation and security.  Will look for community business to make donations.  Live stream the games with $3 per game or $9.99 per season.

Why would colleges sign on?: High school student athletes could stay in the dorm while college students are gone.  It could be a great recruiting tool for the colleges with nearly 1,000 players on campus getting an up close look at the school.  The school would get publicity for hosting the event.

How to keep everyone in the bubble: Have parents rotate to ensure kids remain in the bubble. Hire previously laid off school sentries as security guards. Players will understand that if they break the bubble they, and possibly the team, will be removed from the bubble. Coaches and score keepers will be in the bubble.

What safety measures will be taken?: We are fully aware that Covid is a dangerous virus.  We are willing to take whatever safety precautions are recommended to us by Dr. Mendoza.  We are willing to be tested before and while in the bubble, whatever is recommended by Dr. Mendoza.

What’s next?: We are requesting to meet with Section V officials, Athletic Directors, Referee representatives, Dr. Mendoza, Bob Duffy and representatives from local colleges.

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